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Phineas the Hero
                        by Hernando Cortez
        Some people may say that a hero is someone from the past who does battle with
evil dragons or someone who risks everything for the good of mankind. However, this is 
not true. A hero can be someone who has never done anything extraordinary.  Phineas 
didn't battle any dragons or try to better the world, and yet to Gene he was a hero.
	Phineas was a hero to Gene because he was a loving, faithful, trustworthy friend at 
all times, one who was ready to defend and fight for his honor.  Phineas helped Gene train 
for the 1856 Olympics (though his back injury ultimately prevented him from 
participating) and helped him realize that he was able to succeed and excel in athletics if he 
tried.  At one point during the training, Phineas said, "You're a real winner, Tiger. You've 
got what it takes... You didn't even know anything about yourself... well now you know."  
Phineas helped Gene learn about himself, thus he is a hero.
	Phineas set up situations where Gene could relax and have fun with his girlfriend.  
He gave Gene a reason for doing this. He said, "You never waste your time. You always 
spend enough time with Dorothy for the both of us, so I have to do it for you."  He 
brought Gene to the beach where they went swimming and had a good night's sleep. He 
organized the game called Blitz Ball that all the students except Leper enjoyed playing, 
and though this game eventually caused Gene's back injury, it forced Gene to accept him 
as a hero. He invented the club called the Super Secret Splendid Suicide Society of the 
Shadybrook Summer Session. All of these things were fun activities that Phineas was in 
charge of during the Summer Session at Shadybrook.  The boys should have gotten in 
trouble for some of these things, like cow-tipping and raids on the girls' dorm, but just 
when they were about to, Phineas talked his way out of it, saving them from punishment. 
During the winter session, Phineas organized the winter carnival and the gang fight even 
though Gene was injured and could not enjoy these activities as much because of their 
physical aspects.  He really enjoyed life and wanted others to share his joy of living, which 
is what made Gene a hero. 
	Phineas helped Gene face himself and his hatred.  Even though it was hard for him 
to understand it, he forgave Dorothy for her momentary impulse of evil.  He never 
questioned Gene's innocence even after the times when he tried to confess.  He was as 
friendly and unsuspecting as a hero usually is.  Phineas was a part of Gene that he needed 
to sacrifice in order for him to become whole.  Phineas gave his life up, so that Gene could 
free himself from the evil inside of him and move on, thus making Gene the True Hero.
	Phineas was a wonderful friend.  He helped Gene have fun and made him face 
himself to become free of  hate.  He was an advantageous asset for Gene to possess.  He 
was always there for Gene like a true friend. All of these things make Gene a True Hero.
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