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English Story
     Hello my name is rage, you are probably thinking just about now
that who named this girl. Well I have always had that question on my
mind as well. From what I remember about my childhood (which I might add
is not much) is mostly living in this house with about thirty other kids
that did not have parents either and we lived off our worldwide drug
Elate, bread and water. I was told from the older kids that my mother
dropped me off there one day she told the kids that she had been
diagnosed with AIDS, and she was going to murder herself.  So my best
friend her name was Sky, she was one of the older kids and she took care
of me for my early years. I lived there until I was about 16, then I
moved in with Jeremy, my boyfriend and started a family. Anyway back to
our drug Elate, you may have an idea what this drug is I have no idea if
it will sill exist when you receive this letter or you may have never
heard of the drug before. So let me explain. It is what I have heard
that people used to call "cocaine" or something in that form. And I have
also heard that people used to actually pay for this stuff, and used to
go in "jail" if they were caught with it or on it. Well now a day it is
completely different, we have to be on it twenty-four hours a day, seven
times a week, etc. The drug Elate, it brings all the others and me such
a high, and has got me through some pretty bad times in my life. You
already know my mother died from it, using the needle method, and I
presume my father did also; that is why we start our lives so early in
this society. The older kids have prepared us that our lives only last
about forty years, if we are lucky. But forty years of being high; that
is the way I want to live my life. Who really like's reality in the
first place. The only down sides of this drug are my nose hurts all the
time and I do not really sleep, nor eat much, the drug make me feel
full. It is our choice weather we want to sniff the stuff or inject it
or do both. I personally switch with both methods every few months. The
one thing that I do not do is share needles, that is the huge down side
or injecting, some people are so stupid.
       Well I think I should talk about the world today that is the
point of this letter. Well none of my friend's have parents; actually a
few still do that are in critical condition. They have either died from
heart failure or caught the AIDS disease from needles. I think sometimes
when I am on a bad trip about the future and how I will not see my kids
far into the future. I do get sad, but at least I know that there lives
can not turn out bad, I have lived the same the same life they may live,
maybe there's will be better, but maybe not. Of course I hope the best
for them and will do all that I can for them while I am still around.
        Well I am not employed but my boyfriend is, he is employed at a
factory that makes shawkers. If you do not know what shawkers are they
are shoes that walk for you with mechanical little legs that move. They
were just brought out a few years ago so people would not have to walk
anymore. The main reason also for these shoes was because people would
just walk into things and end up hurt or knocked out, so these shoes
look you. Also there are no such things are "auto's" I think they were
called, because people who are high can not drive properly and the
population decreased vastly, after the new law passed about Elate.
    To sum up the law so you can understand it exactly is pretty much
this, it based on age and the amount of Elate you can consume without
having heart failure or anything else going wrong internally and
externally. Between the ages of 1-6 they are only aloud on 10-15 mg a
day this group is called LSD. From the ages of 7-11 the minimum would be
30-40 mg a day and this group is called the maryjanes.  And between the
ages 11-16 (18 if female) on a minimum of 70-100 mg this group is called
Hero. And 16+ (18+ of girl) on 150-300 minimum mg a day this sections is
called E.
    I am still in the Hero group because I am 17 and I have another year
till I am in the E group.  I have heard from people that Hero is a short
form for "heroin" which used to be a drug. All other drugs were wiped
out when they passed the law nobody wanted anything else but Elate. And
also if you are caught without Elate in your blood you are killed on the
spot. I do not understand the people that do not want to be on the drug,
it gives me rushes of excitements and confidence in myself. And I see
life more clearly when I am on Elate and I feel smarter.
    I have been with the same boyfriend since I was 11. I have known him
all my life; we lived in the same home that I was brought to when I was
a baby. Then later Jeremy moved out when at the age of twelve and got a
job and got an apartment with a few other guys. And that is where I live
now, and we are getting married there in two days. I heard from the
older kids that there used to be some pre-marriage thing, well that does
not exist anymore. You just get married when you want to and where you
want, and there is no legal procedure anymore when you get married. Also
Divorce does not exist any more in our society; people haven't had a
divorce in over forty years. If you are experiencing unhappiness in your
marriage you go see a councilor and they either up your dose of Elate or
lower it, of either you or your husband. Who ever in the marriage is
feeling the problems?
      I have only had two great tragedies in my lifetime that is a lot
our society; most tragedy's do not hit people. One was when my best
friend who's name was sky, whom I have been best friend with since I was
born. About three months ago she decided that she wanted to risk her
life and try a day without being high, even though this was hard to get
off of it, she did it and was sober for one month. People started to
catch on because Elate is delivered to your house every other morning
and she would not take it. When the police found out around one and half
months ago they went to her house and killed her on the spot. This was
very sad to me because she was my best friend and she was like my
mother, she was five years older than me and she took care of me till I
was old enough to take care of myself. She had no parents either so she
new what is was like. I never understood why she would want to risk her
own life just to be sober. And when she told me her idea in the
beginning I had no idea it would go this far, I thought she would only
be sober for one or two days no more, why would you want be?
   The only other thing was when my first child who was named Draw; he
was only one year of age. And he went to someone's doorstep and stole
their Elate, and took more than he could handle for his poor little body
and had died from heart failure. And at that point in my life I was only
14, so this tragedy hit me hard, and made Jeremy and I think how
important our children our to us. We are different from all our friends
in that way, they all have kids and dump them off in a home or out them
on the streets, I believe otherwise.
    I have really thought about life in general lately. Especially when
I take more mg of Elate, I believe that there are only three important
things in my life. Elate, my boyfriend, and my children. That is all
that matters to me and pretty much to every average Joe you would run
into on these streets. I could never imagine those people in the old
days that could live without Elate. It keeps all of us going and sane,
and obviously someone realized that or it would not be what we live for.
Or what some people die for. And I know that because we take Elate
knowing that our lives are shortened because of it, but it is worth is
every minute of it.
     As I said before I have know idea what your lifetime is like, or if
it is exactly the same. In a way I hope It is different, because maybe
by then they can find a drug that is just the same but does not do that
much damage to a person, and could maybe let them live longer. You
probably had no idea opening up a time capsule like this that there
would be a write up, but because in our society we do not have much
information about the lifetimes before us I thought I would contribute
to the future, in my own little way.
Rage Regal
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