Author: Bram Stoker
Publisher: 1897 by Archibald Constable & Co.
Jonathan Harker, young lawyer, makes trip to Transylvania to
sell land in England to Count Dracula. Meanwhile, young
fiancŽe, Mina, spending summer by the sea in Whitby, port town
in Eng. with friend Lucy Westenra. Lucy falls ill: blood seems to
disappear. Jonathan somehow escapes, has brain fever, saved
by the sisters of a convent and marries Mina there. Dr. Van
Helsing, Dutch doctor comes to see what is the matter with
Lucy. It seems that she is the victim of a vampire. The circle of
LucyÕs freinds, who try to save her, are too late in discovering
that Dracula had come across the sea on a merchant vessel,
delivering crates of Transylvanian dirt. When she dies, she
becomes Un-dead, preying on the blood of little children of
Whitby. They drive a stake through her heart and free her of the
spell. She is fully dead. The group of friends: Van Helsing,
Jonathan and Mina Harker, and LucyÕs three previous suitors,
Dr. Seward, owner of a mental hospital next door to DraculaÕs
future estate, Arthur Holmwood, Lord Godalming, and Quincey
Morris, a young American. They decide to do whatever they can
to destroy the vampire. Dracula comes to get Mina and she will
become like him if the group cannot defeat him. Learn that
crates of earth are being sent around as places where Dracula
can stop to rest or change form if he so desires. They travel to
Translyvania to save their dear friend Mina and rid the world of
Count Dracula and all of his followers.
Book vs. Movie
-Excellent Book. Movie (1993) good adaptation, relatively similar,
but a few faults:
-portrayal of Women. Book has strong women (contrast to
Wuthering Heights) but movie weakens them. Book: Mina
makes anthology of info. Movie: Mina cheats on Jonathan with
"prince," Lucy is brought forward as a loose girl, but book has
her shy.
-I liked movieÕs Holmwood: dashing young gentleman, victorian
stereotype of good englishman. Seward: withdrawn, strange,
cause live in asylum; Quincey: optimistic, friendly Texan; Van
Helsing: old, respected, funny Dutchman.
-special effects in movie worked, but in some spots were the
only good point.
-Dracula in movie too evil. Friendly in book. Too outwardly
malicious in movie, too obvious.
-everyone knows story of Dracula already, countless films made.
Idea no longer very fresh.
-book easy read, especially with footnoted ed.
-favourite touch: set of journal entries, letters, telegrams, brought
together by the author. He remarks at beginnig that all
documents are contemporary. Quickly jumping narrator snaps
attention and gives the reader an omniscient viewpoint without
using the third person.
recommend to anyone who enjoys horror movies.
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