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Death of a Salesman
They all return to the house. The fully paid for house. The sight of it
brings back a slight sob to LindaÕs throat, when she reaches the cement
stoop her sobbing once again becomes full. Charley looks to her but is at a
loss for words. Happy puts his arms around his mother and holds her. Biff
only looks on at it all.
For a brief second he sees the WillyÕs fate in HappyÕs eyes as he holds
Linda. WillyÕs death has brought Biff to know what he is more than ever.
HeÕs not a salesman and neither is Happy but Happy is just like is father
and Biff fears nothing can be done to change the course of  life Happy has
chosen upon WillyÕs death.
The small grieving party enters the house and each takes a seat in the
living room. Linda has gained control over herself again.
No one dares to say a word they each sit by themselves accompanied by their
own thoughts.
BiffÕs mind is racing now. Thoughts of how his life will not end like
WillyÕs. Biff  has no master  plan for his life he just wishes to begin his
life. His real life. "Construction"  Biff accidentally says allowed.
Everyone looks at him. What about construction. Happy says to Biff.
Tomorrow IÕll look for a job in construction is BiffÕs reply. IÕll start at
the bottom and IÕll gradually raise my position. Someday maybe architecture
or engineering. By god IÕm gonna do something with my life weather itÕs to
my families approval or not.
Charley looks at Biff and says. Biff I donÕt know if this is the right time
for this. ItÕs sounds like a good idea to me but I honestly donÕt think this
is the time to talk about it.
IÕm sorry Charley youÕre right IÕm going to bed now IÕll see you all
tomorrow. Biff stands up stretches his arms and back and goes off to bed.
Biff wakes up early the next morning. No one else has woken yet and Charley
had gone home the night before. Despite the death of his father hanging over
him like a dark, dreary cloud Biff is in an unexplainably great mood. He
felt as if his life was just beginning on this day. He is wearing his blue
suit, makes himself some eggs and toast, and has a cup of coffee. Then he
was off to find an honest job.
Biff wanted to make a sort of amends with the old construction company him
and Happy used to steal from. This was BiffÕs first choice. He arrived at
the company building straitened himself out and went in. As he entered the
lobby a young receptionist met him. Biff stated his business and asked if
any job were open. The receptionist handed him an application to fill out.
Biff took a seat by a window and started on the application. the first
question he encountered was that of experience. Biff began to make up false
places of employment for himself. When he noticed this was exactly what his
father and happy would be doing he threw out the application and asked for
another. If he didnÕt get the job honestly he didnÕt want the job at all.
Biff put applications out for a few hours most places followed the basic
routine as the first. Then he returned home.
Happy and Linda were in the kitchen eating lunch when he came in. Linda and
happy ignored him so he made himself some lunch and sat down at the table
with them.
WhatÕs with the "cold shoulder" you guys are giving me. Biff asked.
We arenÕt giving you a "cold shoulder" we simply donÕt have anything to say
to you was LindaÕs reply.
Well would you like to hear about my day?
The phone rang just as he finished his question. Linda got up to answer it.
ItÕs for you Biff. ItÕs the Altec construction agency.
Biff took the phone and said thanks mom. Linda reproached BiffÕs thanks with
an uh-huh and she sat down to her meal again.
Biff hung the phone and told Linda and Biff that they wanted him to come in
for an interview right away. I just put the application in this morning and
they want to interview me already. IsnÕt that great guys!
ThatÕs good was LindaÕs only reply.
You know what Mom, Happy I really donÕt care how you feel about me but IÕm
not going to let you two financially fade away just because you dislike me.
If I get this job you are getting a portion of my paycheck whatever you need
to keep yourselves afloat. IÕll move out if  thatÕs what you want. The only
thing youÕll ever see from me is my money!
With all that said Biff left the house not waiting for a reply he didnÕt
Biff arrived at the Altec company building still in his blue suit before he
entered he looked at the suit and wished he hadnÕt worn it. the suit went
along with his fatherÕs belief of image being foremost important. Biff no
longer wanted a job simply for his image. Biff entered the building walked
straight to the receptionist and stated his name. The receptionist told him
that Mr.  Lansing, the personnel manager was expecting him and she pointed
towards the office door Labeled Personell Manager, Mr. Lansing. Biff thanked
the receptionist and he walked over to the door. Before Biff  knocked
however he took the suit coat off and set it on a chair then he knocked on
Mr. LansingÕs office door.
A man dressed in a suit very similar to BiffÕs opened the door and said
hello my name is Mr. Lansing please come in and take a seat. Biff followed
Mr. Lansings instruction and sat down in a comfortable leather chair in
front of Mr. lansingÕs fine Cherry desk. By the look of the personnel
managerÕs office Biff thought to himself that this company must be quite
successful and he was assured that he wasnÕt making a mistake with this
business venture.
Okay Mr. Loman lets get started. Mr. lansing asked Biff a few simple
questions. Then he asked Biff when the soonest he could start.
I could start today if you want me to Biff told him.
Great Biff you see a few of our workers have recently left the company to
begin their own and we are in desperate need right now. I donÕt want to rush
you into it. So we wonÕt start you today but howÕs tomorrow sound around
12:00am at the Westmore Voice recording construction site on Philips street.
That would be great Mr. Lansing. The sooner I can make some money the
Please call me Charles I try and keep good relations with our employees and
I want you to know that if you ever have any problems or comments to come to
me with them. Okay.
Sure thing Mr.... Charles.
All right then you will be met by Bryan Acker tomorrow at the construction
site. HeÕs a fellow worker and heÕll provide you with any training you need.
Have a good day and good luck Biff
Thank you Charles IÕll see you again.
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